Securing Online Medication Ordering for a UK Clinic

A UK-based clinic


Software Development, Compliance, Security, User Experience



Tech Stack

Gatsby.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, Jotform, Auth0, Contentful


Full-Cycle Development

The Challenge

  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to NHS regulations surrounding online medication dispensing, including verifying patient eligibility and limiting quantities based on diagnoses.
  • Data Security: Protecting sensitive patient information and medical records in accordance with stringent healthcare privacy standards.
  • User Experience: Balancing the necessary security checks with a streamlined and user-friendly online ordering process for patients.

The Solution

Deviant (Solutions) developed a secure e-commerce-like platform for the clinic, emphasizing:

  • Restricted Product Access: Implementation of rules to limit medication visibility and purchase options based on confirmed diagnoses.
  • Jotform Integration: Seamless integration of Jotform to collect detailed patient information, verify eligibility, and ensure data protection.
  • Robust Authentication: Auth0 integration for secure patient login and data protection.
  • Secure Data Storage: Contentful as a secure CMS for managing patient data, prescriptions, and order history.
  • User-Friendly Design with Gatsby: Leveraged Gatsby.js for a performant frontend, GraphQL for efficient data fetching, and TypeScript for maintainable code.

The Results

  • Enhancing Compliance: Ensuring adherence to NHS regulations in the online dispensing of medications.
  • Strengthening Security: Safeguarding sensitive patient data, reducing fraudulent activity, and ensuring JotForm data aligns with security best practices.
  • Improving Patient Experience: Offering a convenient and secure way for eligible patients to order their medications.

Why Deviant?

  • Healthcare Technology Expertise: Deep understanding of regulatory requirements and security best practices within the healthcare sector.
  • Security-Centric Development: Emphasis on secure design principles and compliance throughout the development process.
  • User-Focused Solutions: Blending robust security with user-friendly interfaces tailored to patient needs.
  • External Integration Expertise: Proven success in integrating with JotForm to maximize security and compliance within workflows.

Tech Overview

  • Frontend: Gatsby.js and TypeScript for a fast, secure, and maintainable storefront.
  • Data Fetching: GraphQL to efficiently query and update patient and medication data.
  • Secure Forms: Jotform for building compliant forms and securely collecting patient information.
  • Authentication: Auth0 for robust user authentication and authorization.
  • CMS: Contentful for secure data storage and content management.