Powering Data-Driven Decisions: A Real-Time Customization Case Study

A Leading Financial Institution


Software Development



Tech Stack

React, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, AWS, Jenkins


Team Augmentation

The Challenge

Traders in a fast-paced, data-driven environment faced significant inefficiencies when customizing their workspace across multiple interfaces.

Manual updates led to delays, potential inconsistencies, and a heightened risk of errors under the pressure of real-time market movements. This workflow bottleneck impacted both productivity and decision-making, with traders spending an average of 7% of their time replicating customizations instead of focusing on critical market analysis.

The Solution

Deviant developed a state-sharing tool that enabled seamless, real-time synchronization of workspace customizations. This empowered traders to focus on high-value activities.

Our user-centric design methodology ensured the solution was tailored to the specific pain points of the trading workflow.

The Results

The solution eliminated the need for manual workspace customization replication. This included tailoring the arrangement of data visualizations, setting real-time alerts based on specific data thresholds, and customizing filtering parameters.

Initial testing demonstrated impressive results:

  • 22% reduction in customization time
  • 8% improvement in trade execution speed

Beyond the quantifiable metrics, the solution led to improved trader confidence and focus. By removing the burden of workspace management, traders were empowered to make faster, more informed decisions based on a consistent and reliable data view.

Why Deviant?

Deviant's deep understanding of user experience challenges in data-intensive environments and expertise in modern web technologies were crucial for delivering a solution transforming trader workflows.

We have a proven ability to develop innovative solutions within complex and regulated industries, prioritizing performance and security.

Tech Overview

The solution was built using a modern tech stack, including React, TypeScript, Node.js, and Express. AWS was used for scalable and secure deployment, and Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment.

We have designed everything with performance and security in mind, ensuring that it met the stringent requirements of the financial industry.

The solution was developed with a focus on user experience, ensuring that it was intuitive and easy to use for traders in a high-pressure environment.