Optimizing Technical Diagramming Tools for a Leading Hardware Company

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Tech Stack

React, TypeScript, AWS, React Diagrams, D3.js, Jenkins, Docker, Shopify API, Figma


Team Augmentation

The Challenge

A leading hardware company had a robust system for visualizing product architecture, but it introduced user experience pain points and technical issues that hindered its effectiveness. This included slow loading times, incorrect positioning of elements, rendering errors within 3D models, and a generally frustrating interface. These issues eroded developer confidence and wasted valuable time.

The Solution

Deviant stepped in to maintain and enhance the existing visualization tool, delivering targeted bug fixes and feature enhancements that streamlined workflows for architects, significantly improving usability and reducing the time needed to understand complex product systems. Key contributions included:

  • Intuitive Feature Expansion: New interactive diagrams and visualizations were seamlessly integrated using the React Diagrams library, providing deeper insights into component interactions and dependencies.
  • Enhanced Search & Navigation: Optimized search functionality and intuitive navigation made it easier for developers to locate the information they needed quickly.
  • Improved User Experience: Targeted UI enhancements and resolution of frustrating bugs significantly streamlined workflows, reducing architects' time wrestling with the tool.
  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrated proficiency in debugging and resolving complex data visualization, layout, and rendering issues within a React-based application. This included tackling the challenge of layered 3D model display for accurate visualizations.

The Results

Deviant's targeted enhancements to the technical diagramming tool delivered significant improvements for the hardware company, transforming a source of frustration into a productivity-boosting asset. Key outcomes included:

  • Accelerated Workflows: The streamlined interface, intuitive feature expansion, and optimized search functionality significantly reduced the time architects spent navigating and using the tool.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Through interactive visualizations and improved rendering, developers gained a clearer, more dynamic understanding of complex product architecture.
  • Boosted Confidence: The resolution of technical bugs and frustrating UX issues fostered confidence and efficiency within the development team.

Why Deviant?

  • Deep Understanding of Developer Needs: Deviant's expertise in Front-End development, coupled with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by those working on complex hardware/software products, ensured the tool was optimized for its target audience.
  • Adaptability and Integration: Proven ability to work within an established codebase, delivering enhancements that align seamlessly with the existing architecture.
  • Problem-Solving Focus: Demonstrated a proactive approach to identifying and resolving technical UX issues, transforming a frustrating tool into a valuable asset for the development team.

Tech Overview

The project leveraged a modern Front-End stack for maintainability, flexibility, and the ability to display layered 3D models for enhanced visualization:

  • React and MUI: For a structured component-based architecture and streamlined UI development.
  • React Diagrams: Specialized library for creating and customizing interactive diagrams.
  • SCSS: For maintainable and organized styling.
  • AWS: For scalable and reliable deployment.


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Shopify API