Imagine a garden brimming with the finest fruits, yet most are exported before locals can taste them. This mirrors Romania’s tech scene: a hub of exceptional tech minds primarily serving overseas interests. Despite this talent surplus, local innovation lags.

But why?

Deep Dive into the Tech Education System

  • Fact: Romania boasts over 100,000 IT specialists, with a tech education system renowned for its rigor (Source: ANIS Report, 2023).
  • Issue: While technical skills are emphasized, there’s less focus on entrepreneurial education or product development (Eurostat Education Statistics, 2023).
  • Impact: High skill level, but low product innovation within Romania.

Economic Incentives: Choosing Stability Over Uncertainty

  • Fact: Romania's average IT sector salary is significantly above the national average, attracting many to the sector (National Wage Report, 2023).
  • Issue: High-paying jobs in outsourcing offer stability and security, making the uncertain path of startup entrepreneurship less appealing.
  • Impact: Talented individuals prefer secure roles with foreign companies over riskier startup ventures.

Risk Aversion and Business Environment

  • Fact: Romania ranks below its Western European counterparts in startup funding availability (Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2023).
  • Issue: Limited funding and support for startups contribute to a culture of risk aversion.
  • Impact: Fewer homegrown tech products and startups.

The Role of Support Systems and Cultural Shift

  • Fact: Successful tech ecosystems, like Silicon Valley, thrive on a culture of risk-taking and extensive support networks.
  • Needed: Stronger support systems in Romania, including funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities.
  • Potential: A shift towards a more innovative and risk-taking culture in the tech industry.

Deviant: Pioneering Local Innovation

While these challenges are substantial, they are not insurmountable. Deviant stands at the forefront of a new wave of Romanian tech companies aiming to shift the balance. With a focus on cultivating local talent for local innovation, particularly in underserved sectors like healthcare, education, and transportation, Deviant is pioneering efforts to:

  • Nurture entrepreneurial spirit within the tech community.
  • Provide platforms and resources for startups and innovators.
  • Spearhead projects that address local needs and global markets, aiming to set a new standard for Romanian tech ventures.


The Romanian tech landscape is ripe for change. By fostering an environment that encourages risk-taking, supports startups, and values local innovation, the nation can retain its best fruits for its own enjoyment.

Deviant is leading by example, showcasing how focusing on internal markets and needs can spur a new era of digital innovation, right here at home.

Starting with products like DriveSync (Romanian Website:, English Website:, Watchpost (Soon at:, as well as other pilots that are soon to be announced.